Foreigners must have work permit before getting visa

New decree of Vietnam Government on granting and extending work permit for foreigners
September 23, 2016
5 conditions to grant work permit for foreigners in Vietnam
September 23, 2016

Foreigners must have work permit before getting visa

Foreigners who want to work in Vietnam must have labor certificate issued by State administrative body before granting a Vietnam Visa

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Bui Van Nam – deputy minister of Ministry of Public Security announced that this rule is one in a bill which was presented in the session of standing committee of congress on Sept 10th. The aim of this rule is to control an amount of foreigner labors when they randomly want to change the purpose of entering the country from traveling to working.

However, Ms Truong Thi Mai – the leader of management social problems organize supposed that we need to discriminate clearly between travel and labor.

Travelling is a big advantage of Vietnam

Travelling is a big advantage of Vietnam. The more foreigner tourists to Vietnam, the more benefits Vietnam has. Because of some mistakes in management labor, it leads to the purpose of travel easily change. To monitor this situation, we must add some rules to the labor law in detail.

Ms Mai also asked some questions such as: Any connection between these rules with the labor law? Or Can we deport foreigners who work in Vietnam without certificate?

With regard to this issue, Mr. Nguyen Kim Khoa – the chairman of committee of Defense said that the changes of this situation’re really complicated. Many tourists enter Vietnam to visit and then stay in Vietnam to work. This rule was given to guarantee that foreigner labors go to Vietnam with the right aim. Not take advantage of traveling to work. It also protects the right and obligation of labor. This committee also agreed with this rule, the foreigner tourists must get a labor certificate before granting a Vietnam Visa. And adding this rule to law on control of the entry and exit of aliens is not inconsistent with the labor law.

In summary, people think that new rules in the draft must be show the open-door policy; entrance and exit procedure should be simple and transparent to attract foreign investment, to develop tourist industry and Vietnam’s economy.

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