Vietnam Embassy In Venezuela

Vietnam Embassy in Vanuatu
Vietnam Embassy in Vanuatu
September 16, 2016
Vietnam Embassy in Virgin Islands British
Vietnam Embassy In Virgin Islands British
September 16, 2016
Vietnam Embassy in Venezuela

Embassy of Vietnam in Venezuela

Vietnam Embassy in Venezuela

The Visa application procedure for Vietnam is quite easy with Vietnam Embassy in Venezuela. Vietnam has its diplomatic missions in about 70 countries, including Venezuela. Any Venezuelan citizen who wishes to travel to Vietnam can easily obtain Visa by either of these two me

Vietnam Embassy in Venezuela

Vietnam Embassy in Venezuela

Any Venezuelan citizen who wishes to travel to Vietnam must hold a valid and original passport. The Visa should be;applied for at least six months before the time of travel. You will be;required to fill up a form in English. You will also be;asked to mention the place for collection and submission of the Visa as Vietnam. Once you have filled up the form, your passport, a recent passport size photo, and a self-addressed form will be submitted at the Embassy. Besides submitting your documents, you will have to pay the Visa fees. These fees can be paid to the Embassy of Vietnam by way of a money order or cashier’s cheque.


This procedure is particularly helpful if you are traveling to Vietnam by land route. Do mention the correct purpose of your visit and the kind of Visa you would like. Usually, the Visa issued by the Embassy is for a single entry. If you wish to enter Vietnam from another country, you will have to choose the multiple entry options on the form. Once you have done so, you will have to pay additional fees for the same. You can also check with the embassy officials about additional charges such as Visa processing fees, shipping and handling charges etc.

The embassy takes a time of about five working days to process all your documents. Once these documents are processed, you will be issued the Visa document. The advantage of applying through the embassy allows you to get the Visa in hand before leaving for Vietnam. However, there are certain drawbacks to this procedure. If you do not live in a location near the embassy, you will have to undertake quite a bit of travel because this procedure requires you to make multiple visits to the embassy.

Embassy of Vietnam in Caracas D.C, Venezuela

Address: 9na Transversal, Entre 6ta y 7ma Avenidas, Quinta Las Mercedes, Altamira, Chacao 1060-025 D.F, Caracas, Venezuela,

Phone: (+58) 212-63574

Fax: (+58) 212-26473


Office hour: Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday: 9.00a.m – 12.00p.m


There are 2 ways for your choice to get Vietnam Visa:

  • Applying online via www.VisaOnlineVietnam.Org  for VOA (Vietnam Visa on arrival) at the airports in Vietnam
  • Applying by yourself in the Vietnam Embassy in Venezuela

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