Vietnam Embassy In Nauru

Embassy For Vietnam In Namibia
Vietnam Embassy In Namibia
September 16, 2016
Embassy For Vietnam In Nepal
Vietnam Embassy In Nepal
September 16, 2016
Embassy Vietnam In Nauru

Vietnam Embassy In Nauru

Vietnam Embassy In Nauru

Living and working in Nauru. Do you want to look for address and location of Nauru? We are sorry to inform you that there is NO Vietnam Consulate in Nauru.

We would like to inform you that Nauruan passport holders and residence in Nauru are required a visa for entering to visit Vietnam. Therefore, would you please apply for Vietnam visa if plan to spend your vacation in Vietnam.

Do you want to contact with Vietnam Consulate in Nauru to apply for Vietnam visa? Normally, people usually go to embassy or consulate of Vietnam to apply for Vietnam visa, however, there is NO Vietnam Consulate in Nauru, how to get Vietnam visa for this case? There are 2 options as below:


Go to address or location of Vietnam Consulate in a neighboring country to apply for Vietnam visa. This option seems not suitable because it is costly and risky.

Apply online for picking up visa on arrival at international airports of Vietnam.

Would you please search on the internet to know more information about Vietnam visa on arrival if you don’t have experience about on how to apply for Vietnam visa on arrival. You can learn from other’s experiences shared on a lonely planet, TripAdvisor, routers, ….. Hereafter the phrase you may need to search “Vietnam visa on arrival” or “eVisa Vietnam” or “Vietnam Immigration”

Vietnam visa on arrival is a policy of Vietnam government to facilitate travelers from over the world get a visa for Vietnam fast, cheap and easy, especially for travelers living far from Vietnam embassy and a consulate or no embassy or consulate of Vietnam present.



Address: 56 Nguyen Cu Trinh St., Pham Ngu Lao Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Toll free: +1.866.278.6239

Hotline: +84 968.18.77.18



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