Vietnam Embassy In Morocco

Embassy For Vietnam in Mongolia
Vietnam Embassy in Mongolia
September 16, 2016
Embassy For Vietnam In Mozambique
Vietnam Embassy In Mozambique
September 16, 2016
Embassy For Vietnam In Morocco

Vietnam Embassy In Morocco

Vietnam Embassy in Morocco

The amount of visa fee varies from one country to another and also depends on the days for which you are applying for the visa. Hence, one should confirm the amount they are supposed to pay for the visa through the Embassy. In case of business visa, one can get support from their company or the company located in Vietnam.

As such Morocco citizens are not allowed to avail visa on arrival, so they are not allowed to file visa through the online means. In online means, people apply for the visa and get an approval letter in just 24 or maximum 48 hours. This letter when presented at the airport in Vietnam they get the visa on arrival. Before getting the visa, the VOA i.e. visa on arrival department ask them some related question about the concerned person and about Morocco as a country and related simple questions, this is done to prove their authentication. However, the facility can only be used by those country citizens who have been given the privilege to enjoy the visa on arrival facility.

On an average, the whole process of visa application takes almost four to five days, base on the service used for availing the visa. Along with the amount also varies deepening on the Embassy or the consultant hired. Some people find this process very hard and time-consuming, so they prefer to hire a consultant who does all the visa formalities on their behalf. In fact, people who want visa on a very short notice prefer to apply for a visa through consultant only.


Address: 9, Beni MTIR street, Soussi, Rabat, Morocco

Phone: +212.53.763.1206
Fax: +212.53.763.9174


There are 2 ways for your choice to get Vietnam Visa:

  • Applying online via www.VisaOnlineVietnam.Org  for VOA (Vietnam Visa on arrival) at the airports in Vietnam
  • Applying by yourself in the Vietnam Embassy in Morocco

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