Vietnam Embassy in Mali

Embassy for Vietnam in Maldives
Vietnam Embassy in Maldives
September 16, 2016
Embassy For Vietnam in Malta
Vietnam Embassy in Malta
September 16, 2016
Embassy for Vietnam in Mali

Vietnam Embassy in Mali

Vietnam Embassy in Mali

When applying through the embassy, it is mandatory that you hold an original and valid Malian passport. You will have to fill the Visa application form in English and mention the place of collection and submission of Visa as Vietnam. Once you have filled the form, you will be

required to submit it along with other documents such as your original passport, one recent passport-sized photograph, and a self-addressed envelope. You will also have to pay the Visa fees, which can be paid to the Vietnam embassy in Mali by way of a money order or cashier’s cheque.

One of the biggest advantages of applying through the embassy is that you will have a fully stamped Visa in your hands before you leave for Vietnam. However, this procedure is expensive and time-consuming. You will have to incur a lot of expenses on travel and stay in a foreign location. In case you are applying through correspondence, you will have to send in your application form and your original passport to the embassy by postal mail. Here, you stand to lose your passport if your package is lost in transit or is misplaced.

An easier and more convenient option is the Visa on Arrival facility. You can apply for Visa from any location and do not have to submit your original passport in this method. To apply for Visa on Arrival, you will have to get in touch with a travel agent based in Vietnam. You will be required to fill an online application form with your personal details and travel details.


Address: 56 Nguyen Cu Trinh St., Pham Ngu Lao Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Toll free: +1.866.278.6239

Hotline: +84 968.18.77.18



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