How to apply for Vietnam visa in Russia?

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How to apply for Vietnam visa in Russia?

How to apply for Vietnam visa in Russia?

How can Russian apply for Vietnam visa?

Russian can enter Vietnam without Vietnam visa if they stay in the country less than 15 days and meet the required condition published by Vietnam Government.

 Vietnam visa exemption notification

How to apply for Vietnam visa in Russia?

How to apply for Vietnam visa in Russia?

In the latest regulation of Entry and Exit ordinary of Vietnam, It is announced that Russian can travel to Vietnam without a visa but valid passport only if:

  • Their stay is shorter than 15 days.
  • The entry date must be at least 30 days from the exit date.
  • Their passport is at least 6 months valid and remains valid in the traveling time.

Entering Vietnam with valid Vietnam visa

Applying for the visa at Vietnamese Embassy in Russia

Passport and visa from Vietnamese Embassy in Moscow are issued only to citizens whose main residence is in Vietnam and Russia.

The process of issuing Visa and Passport of Vietnam can take few weeks.

*Please contact with Vietnamese Embassy in Moscow if you have any question as regards of visa and passport matters:

Embassy of Vietnam in Moscow, RUSSIAN

13, Bolshaya Pirogovskaya St., Moscow, RUSSIAN FEDERATION

Phone:  (70-95) 245 092

Fax:      (70-95) 246 312


Or you can contact Vietnamese Consulate for the same process:

Consulate General of Vietnam in Vladivostok, RUSSIAN

107/1, Puskinskaya St., Vladivostok, RUSSIAN FEDERATION

Phone:  (+7) (4232) 205 814, (+7) (4232) 226 948

Fax:      (7-4232) 261 49


Consulate General of Vietnam in Karla Libknhesta, RUSSIAN

411 –Divs-22 –Karla Libknhesta-620075

Phone:  (7343) 253 0280

Fax:      (7343) 253 0282


H3: Applying for Vietnam visa on arrival on our website

To apply for Visa on arrival, please complete the simple process provided on our website.

The process of Vietnam visa on arrival


* Please notice that:

1/ You can only travel by air with this paper.

2/ You had better apply for it at least 2 days before arriving. In case, you don’t apply in advance, please apply for Rush Vietnam visa to get your visa processing time updated.

Applying for Vietnam E- visa

E-visa allows the Russian to enter Vietnam once during the validity and stay in Vietnam within 30 days. However, you can only enter and exit the country via 28 border gates approved.

To apply for it, please send us to direct your request, passport scan, and two photos also your traveling scheme (entry port and exit port) to email address: sales@VisaOnlineVietnam.Org

It cost 44 USD/ person.

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